Center for Nuclear Energy Facility and Structures (CNEFS)

CNEFS is a premier university-based research organization in the areas of structural safety and risk assessment. Its interdisciplinary nature is facilitated by active participation of faculty from Nuclear, Structures, Mechanics, Flooding, Geotechnical, and Construction Engineering disciplines.

Our faculty have developed sophisticated engineering tools that can result in substantial savings over a complete plant lifecycle. The new tools and methodologies reduce uncertainty, enhance safety, and eliminate unnecessary conservatism.

Research at the Center has evolved over the years from deterministic mechanics-oriented projects to a probabilistic risk-informed framework that further builds upon the knowledge gained from laboratory and field measurements, analytical formulations, and computational simulations.

In addition to traditional single hazard based safety assessments, we are exploring new frontiers in the areas of multi-hazard risk assessments, beyond-design-basis evaluations, and severe accident management.

Our faculty have contributed to the advancement of the state of the art as well as the state of practice.

For more information please refer to our website Center for Nuclear Energy Facilities and Structures