Adding Co-Authors

The following steps need to be followed in order to add co-authors on your abstract.


- Please ensure that the co-author to be added is registered on the SMiRT 25 website. The co - authors may use the following link to register: 



- Login as author and then go to Dashboard > My Abstracts


- Click on Action > Edit Abstract, corresponding to the abstract on which co-authors need to be added.


-Start typing the name/email id of the co-author to be added in the 'ADD CO-AUTHOR' section.


The co-author's name will appear in the drop-down menu. Click on the co-author you want to add.



- After you click on the co-author's name in the dropdown menu,  the co-author's name will appear in the 'ADD CO-AUTHOR' section.




-Click on 'ADD' button and finally click on 'Submit' button to add the co-author on the abstract.


-Check the 'My Abstracts' section to ensure that the co-author name appears in the online system.