Early Career Shibata Award

SMiRT 25 will continue the Early Career Shibata Award. The objective of the award is to identify and recognize outstanding work of young and early career professionals, defined here as participants who have earned a Bachelor’s degree within 10 years of August 2019.

At the time of registration, authors will indicate if they want their paper to be considered for an Early Career Award. The early career professional must be (a) the first author of the paper, and (b) the presenter of the paper at the conference. A committee will identify the top five papers for further consideration. An expert panel will then rank these papers based on technical merit and innovation, and a member from the expert review panel will attend the presentations of these top ranked papers. Finally, the expert panel will rank the papers using a composite ranking of 70% for paper content and 30% for the presentation. A total of 3 awards will be presented - a cash award of $1000 and free conference registration at the next conference (SMiRT 26) for the winner, and cash awards of $500 and $250 for the first and second runners up, respectively.

AASMiRT: Dr. Robert Kennedy Award

In recognition of Dr. Robert Kennedy’s significant contributions to the nuclear industry, the Boards of AASMiRT and IASMiRT have unanimously approved the “AASMiRT: Dr. Robert Kennedy Award” to be bestowed at SMiRT 25 and in every conference thereafter to the author(s) of the best submitted technical paper on subjects related to Dr. Kennedy’s field of practice. A panel of experts will first select the best technical papers from Divisions IV through VII as semifinalists and then, from this group, pick the overall best paper. The award has a monetary value of US $1,000 and will be granted during the opening ceremony of the conference.