Chairman's Message

Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT) conferences have a strong history of contributions to the state of practice in the nuclear industry worldwide. The joint US-Canada conference is returning to the American continent after six years to a city that has established itself as the energy capital of the United States with strong leadership from the nuclear industry. 

The industry is seeking innovation in four broad areas of interest:

  • Development and Licensing of Advanced and Small Modular Reactors (SMR): The Department of Energy (DOE) has provided funding for SMR licensing and technical support. The roadmap for construction of an SMR has been announced and calls for operation by 2024. 
  • Second License Renewal and Life Extension: According to the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the US utilities will start submitting applications for second license renewal prior to the dates for SMiRT 25. 
  • New Builds: There are several challenges being faced by the industry in managing the construction cost and schedule.  The solutions are often closely tied to structural design and safety requirements. 
  • Decomissioning: There is an increasing demand for cost-effective, safe, and high tech approaches to decomissioning throughout the world. 

In addition, the US government has indicated support for continuation of the effort to develop the Yucca Mountain repository. We expect the discussion on this issue to continue as we approch SMiRT 25 conference in 2019. 

SMiRT 25 will be a valuable forum for germinating, communicating, and advancing, the scientific and technological developments to secure the future of nuclear energy. Leaders, managers, and engineers from around the world will come together to continue the SMiRT tradition of driving innovation for safe, reliable, and efficient nuclear energy. We invite you to join us in Charlotte in 2019.