Details on Plenary Sessions

Plenary Panel on Advanced and Small Modular Reactors

Tuesday, August 6, 2019.

8 a.m.


Ray Furstneau, Director Research, USNRC


Ho Nieh, Office Director, USNRC

Frank Saunders, Executive VP, Bruce Power

Eric Williams, Deputy Director of Engg, TerraPower

Eric Loewen, Chief Consulting Engineer, GE Hitachi

Martin Van Stadan, VP of Design Engineeering, X-Energy


Plenary Session on Construction Lessons Leaned and Future Vision

Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

8 a.m.


Jim Rispoli, Former Asst. Sec. of Energy, EM 

Jake Lefman, PT & C


Bob Raines, Associate Administrator, DOE - National Nuclear Security Administration

Peggy McCullough, General Manager of Nuclear Operations, Bechtel

Laura Dudes, Administrator Region - II, USNRC



Plenary Panel on Existing Fleet: Subsequent License Renewal

Thursday, August 8, 2019.

8 a.m.


Chris Nolan, Vice President, Duke Energy

Potential Panelists:

Dan Dorman, Deputy EDO, USNRC

Rounette Nader, Director of License Renewal, Duke Energy

Mike Gallagher, VP of License Renewal, Exelon Nuclear

Heather Feldman, Director for Plant Support, EPRI