JASMiRT Workshop: Towards Innovative Systems Performance and Safety of Nuclear Power Plants under Extreme Events

Coordinators: Professor Tsuyoshi Takada (University of Tokyo) and Hiroshi Abe (Atomic Energy Society of Japan - AESJ)

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Japan has the responsibility to inform the world, especially countries promoting Nuclear Power, many lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi accident due to the major earthquake and resulting tsunami, and from subsequent studies on the mitigation of Extreme External Events. Innovative approaches to material mechanics and structural analysis, with active application of the high performance computing, are being developed for the design and decommissioning processes to address the following post-accident challenges.

-Protection against external events                                  

-Mitigation of beyond-design basis event

-Secure decommissioning under extreme high radiation circumstance    

-Strong and effective regulatory infrastructure


Session 1: Evolution of design process towards innovative systems performance and reactor safety

Chair: N. Sekimura (Univ. of Tokyo), Co-Chair: T. Itoi (Univ. of Tokyo)

- Opening Speech: T. Takada (Univ. of Tokyo)

- Speakers: G. Rzentkowski (IAEA), N. Sekimura , F. Ostadan (Bechtel), E. Viallet (EDF)


Session 2. Actual system failure sequences and mechanisms under extreme loadings

Chair: N. Kasahara (Univ. of Tokyo)

- Speakers: A. Blahoianu (Canada), A. Berkovski(Russia), Z. Shang (SNERDI, China), K. Eto (Kyushu EPCO, Japan)


Session 3. Seismic response analysis for beyond-design-basis events

Chair: M. Hori (Univ. of Tokyo)

- Speakers: B. Jeremic (UC Davis, USA), V. Faucher (CEA, France), C. Meng (SNERDI, China), A. Nishida (JAEA)


Session 4. Decommissioning of aged and damaged nuclear systems

Chair: S.Suzuki (Univ. of Tokyo)

-Speakers: K. Sato (TEPCO), C.Georges(CEA), R. Reid (EPRI)