Second Announcement

                                              SMiRT 25                                          


25th International Conference on
(2nd Announcement - Call for Abstracts)

The Westin, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, August 4 – 9, 2019

Center for Nuclear Energy Facilities and Structures (CNEFS), NC State University
American Association of Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (AASMiRT)
Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS)
International Association of Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (IASMiRT)

This announcement gives due dates, important timeline, and division structure

Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT) conferences have a strong history of contributions to the state of practice in the nuclear industry worldwide. The joint U.S.-Canada conference is returning to the North American continent after six years, to the Charlotte, NC, a city that has established itself as the energy capital of the United States with strong leadership from the nuclear industry. The industry is seeking innovation in four areas: development and licensing of advanced and small modular reactors (SMRs), license renewal of operating plants, construction schedule and cost of new builds, and decommissioning. The U.S. government’s decision to reopen the Yucca Mountain repository offers an extraordinary opportunity to the world community to innovate and collaborate. SMiRT 25 will be a valuable forum for germinating, communicating, and advancing the scientific and technological developments needed to secure the future of nuclear energy. Leaders, managers, and engineers from around the world will come together to continue the SMiRT tradition of driving innovation for safe, reliable, and efficient nuclear energy. We invite you to submit abstracts and join us in Charlotte in 2019.


IASMiRT Board Members


Abhinav Gupta, Conference Chairman,
Professor and Director of CNEFS

  •  President: Goon-Cherl Park, SNU, South Korea
  •  President-Elect: Abhinav Gupta, NCSU, USA
  •  VP & Secretary: Astrid Peterson, TÜV Nord, Germany
  •  Treasurer: David J. Shepherd, Cramiar Ltd, UK
  •  Advisor General: Vernon C. Matzen, NCSU, USA




Permanent Members of IASMiRT Advisory Board

S.P. Chang (South Korea), N.C. Chokshi (USA), B. K. Dutta (India), R.K. Gillot (Germany), A.K. Gupta (USA), A.H. Hadjian (USA), K. F. Kussmaul (Germany), F. Ostadan (USA), J.D. Riera (Brazil), R. Rintamaa (Finland), H. Shibata (Japan), S. Vejvoda (Czech Republic), F.H. Wittmann (Switzerland), S. Yu (China)






  • Division I: 
    Mechanics of Materials
  • Division II: 
    Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity
  • Division III: 
    Computation, Simulation and Visualization
  • Division IV: 
    External, Internal Hazards, and Loads Characterization
  • Division V: 
    Modelling, Testing and Response Analysis of Structures, Systems and Components
  • Division VI: 
    Design Issues, Codes & Standards
  • Division VII: 
    Safety, Reliability, Risk and Safety Margins
  • Division VIII: 
    Issues Related to Operations, Inspection and Maintenance
  • Division IX: 
    Fuel Cycle Facilities, Waste Management and Decommissioning
  • Division X: 
    Advanced and Small Modular Reactors
  • Division XI: 
    Severe Accident Management and Structural Evaluation
  • Division XII: 
    Construction Management, Cost, and Scheduling
  • August, 2017:
    First Announcement

  • April, 2018: 
    Second Announcement and Call for Abstracts

  • July 31, 2018: 
    Deadline for Abstract Submission

  • October, 2018: 
    Planning Meeting

  • December, 2018: 
    Notification of Decision on Abstracts

  • January, 2019: 
    Submission of Full Papers Begins

  • February, 2019: 
    Early Bird Registration Begins

  • May, 2019: 
    Deadline for Full Paper Submissions

  • August 4 – 9, 2019: 
    SMiRT 25 Conference



International Scientific Committee Chairman

Sujit K. Samaddar, USNRC