Workshop on Flooding Risk Assessment: Validation, Application, and Experimental Studies

Moderators: Philippe Bardet and Bob Youngblood

Date: Tuesday August 6, 2019

Time: 10:15 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.

This workshop will feature several focused presentations related to recent Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) sponsored research activities. Advanced computer simulation tools are increasingly being used to support risk-informed systems analysis (RISA), an integrated deterministic/probabilistic safety analysis methodology developed in DOE’s Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) program. NRC has also invested significant resources in probabilistic flood hazard assessment (PFHA) and PRA research. Recent research has seen new developments in PFHA, as well as validation methodology for safety analysis codes. The validation methodology builds upon the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Code Scaling, Applicability and Uncertainty (CSAU) methodology, also known as Evaluation Model Development and Assessment Process (EMDAP). This workshop comprises of state-of-the-art presentations in the area of regulatory research perspectives, capability of advanced simulation tools, methodology development, uncertainty quantification through application case studies, and experimental studies to support the development of data-driven methodology. 


Session 1: Flooding simulation and analysis


Joe Kanney, USNRC - Probabilistic Flood Hazard Assessment Research at NRC

Steve Prescott, Idaho National Laboratory - Application Case Study

Ram Sampat, Centroid - Neutrino

Patrick Skelton, Zachry Group, GOTHIC Application to flooding analysis


Session 2: Risk-informed validation


YJ Choi, Idaho National Laboratory - Risk Informed Systems Analysis (RISA) program 

Linyu Lin, North Carolina State University - Adequacy Assessment of Advanced Simulation Codes (SPH)

Saran Bodda, North Carolina State University - Risk Informed Validation Methodology

Nathan Siu, USNRC - Model Uncertainty and Adequacy: A PRA Reviewer’s Perspective


Session 3: Experiments and Data-Driven Approach


Philippe Bardet, George Washington University - Experimental Studies 

Han Bao/Linyu Lin, North Carolina State University- Data-driven modeling

Bob Youngblood, Idaho National Laboratory - Value of Information

Open Discussion