Workshop on IAEA Activities

Coordinators: Shin Morita and Ovidiu Coman, IAEA

Tuesday August 6, 2019

IAEA’s External Events Safety Section (EESS) plans to organize a full-day workshop on the ongoing activities of IAEA. A brief description of the topics to be covered under this workshop is given below. Additional descriptions and speaker names will be added in the near future.


1. Nuclear Installations Safety: IAEA Activities

     -Challenges in Strengthening Nuclear Safety Globally 

     -Safety Infrastructure for new Nuclear Power Program


2. Review of Nuclear Safety Infrastructure

  • IAEA Reviews of Site and Nuclear Power Plant Design Safety:
    -An Overview
    Case Studies – Advisory Mission to Review Stress Test for Hanul-3 and ATMEA upgraded seismic design




3. Hazard, Design and Risk Assessment

    -IAEA safety standards and their application


4. Multi-Unit Probabilistic Safety Assessment

   -Description of Methodology and Case Study

5. Panel Discussion on Lessons Learned from Natural External Events